Password Reset Vulnerability in

TitlePassword Reset Vulnerability in
Vuln URL
Author: Yogesh D Jaygadkar
Reported: December 30, 2012
Fixed: December 30, 2012
Public ReleasedJan 08, 2013

In, when users reset their password, they receives password reset link which is as below.[User Email ID]&code=[Token code]&action=reset_password&utm_source=account&utm_medium=trans_email&utm_campaign=forgot_password_1

When I received this mail, I started playing with this link. I noticed that token is not getting validated from server side. So I removed it & tested with my own id. 

Final POC:[victim user's email ID]&action=reset_password&utm_source=account&utm_medium=trans_email&utm_campaign=forgot_password_1
And Password changed successfully.

Finally I am listed in ETSY Thanks Page. & rewarded with $1500 bounty & T-shirt
Thanks to etsy security team for quick reply. 

Thanks to my friends : Darshit, sandeep, rahul bro, aasim , sagar 


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